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Allow for Spiritual Growth

There are certain challenges being presented to you at this junction in your life- the usual reaction to personal crisis is? Why Me?

Your angels want you to know that these challenges are there to nudge you in your spiritual awakening. It is the Universe calling out to you… reminding you that you are ONE with all that flows.

What the human senses sees is, separateness.

What the soul KNOWS is.. connectedness.

The angels want you to know that your spiritual growth is a highly personal journey – whether you believe in them or not they assure you that there is an ‘energy essence’ that permeates everything seen and unseen. Your spiritual journey can be religious or even scientific – what’s right for one person may be completely wrong for you – so honor your intuition and follow your heart.

TODAY, allow the experience of life happen for you…these challenges are not against you, they are FOR you. Ask ‘HOW, can I transcend this challenge?’…and you will be given a solution to grow and move forward.

You will know you are on the path because you will feel energized, more inspired, more calm and peaceful.

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