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Trust in the Process

You have been actively doing your part at clearing the clutter in your mind and life; you have begun to let go of things, ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you and your journey… you have been taking time to begin the journey of self love.

Now your angels want you to TRUST in the process.

Just as the acorn becomes an oak tree. There is an invisible force that is moving every aspect of reality to its next best expression. Trust in the force and know that your life will take on a new level of understanding of who you are, and why you are here.

By believing and trusting your Angelic Messages a whole new experience will open up to you.

When you can relax into the flow of life, you can enjoy the process more. Stay connected to the way you want to feel and have faith that the details are being worked out. Remind yourself that you have made the effort and have taken the necessary steps towards your dreams. Stay in the NOW and KNOW good things will come your way.

When moments of anxiety overcome you, take a deep breath and remember you have done your part now it’s time to EXHALE and TRUST that the divine plan is working for you.

What is FOR you, will not PASS you.

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