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Archangel Michael Protector

What disturbs you today? Where do you need healing?

Archangel Michael, as defender of all that is pure is the epitome of strength and valor. He intervenes miraculously to save lives and to protect our bodies, loved ones, belongings, and reputations.

Michael is concerned chiefly with protection, truth, integrity, courage,and strength.

If you are having difficulty in any of these areas, He wants you to know that he’s with you and that he hears your prayers and questions.

Today the message is a call to action…Michael wants to motivate you to become more organized and productive so you can fulfill your divine purpose on this plane.

You may experience chaos and clutter.

Michael asks that you be organized, find a simple, rhythmic, orderly routine in your everyday life. He encourages you to create constancy, dependability and trust in order to thrive.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you create a healthy foundation to give you stability and strength; have faith that as you de-clutter and organize your life a new pattern of inner awareness will awaken you to your purpose in the NOW.

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