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Signs from Your Angels

Signs can come to you in a number of ways.  Perhaps you hear a certain song, something flashes on the TV screen at just the right time, a co-worker says something to another that seems like it was meant just for you? Believe…     It was.

Pay attention to your dreams, or the subtle thoughts after your meditation… other symbols in your life… such as cloud shapes, scents or the synchronicity in your life.  Signs can be more tangible such as a billboard that had the answer that made you smile?  Your guides are pretty great about putting you in front of just the right words that you need to see.

You are being reminded that you are surrounded by angels. Right now, and always, you have at least one angel standing by, keeping watch over you, tending to your well-being, and providing healing, hope, and happiness whenever you ask. Keep in mind, you do have to ask.

Your angels are reaching out to you in response to your most pressing issues to provide you with support, love and guidance. They are asking for you to be particularly aware of the signs not just of their presence in your life but of their guidance.

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