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Listen to your Angels

That thing you call gut feeling, a deep emotional swing whether its crying or laughing, things “just falling into place”, your life ‘flowing’… when these things begin to happen in your life it is because you are listening to your angels.

You have asked for help and they are moving heaven and earth to assist you in your life purpose.

As powerful creators, it’s not so much about what we do, as it is about taking action within ourselves to continue to bring our own light out into the world.

Today the angels are sharing their Joy as you expand your awareness of them in your life. They have been “unemployed” for far too long watching your struggle.

Ask – Listen – Take Action… that is how you move through your life purpose.

As you seek to find new solutions to things that are amiss in your world, you join others in creating a greater HUMANITY and also affect the whole world.

Ask your angels — Listen with your inner ear — Take Action.

Your angels are happy that you have awakened your inner ear.


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