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Be Open to Divine Guidance

What troubles your mind is knowing how to discern wishful thinking form Divine Guidance.

Don’t frustrate yourself, your angels want you to know that everyone is “gifted” spiritually. The ones you think are ‘gifted’ have been willing to listen, believe, and trust the input of their spiritual self.

Know that the most important factor in receiving Divine Guidance is your attitude — your trust, your humility, and your willingness to listen along with your pure intentions of serving and bringing greater good to your life and the whole world.

Understand and repeat these words: “The messages I receive from Divine Guidance are NEVER laced with fear and doubt.”

When you ask for God’s intervention your angels assure you that by letting go of fear and welcoming peace into your being your human vessel becomes attuned to Divine Guidance and ready to receive clear and unquestionable directions; through your own developed senses you will receive ‘a knowing’ deep within your heart that all is attainable – even if you are not sure how or why yet.

TODAY, your angels remind you that Divine Guidance embraces forgiveness and will always come from a place of Love; the messages and input you receive will leave you feeling calm, empowered and uplifted.

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