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Nature Rejuvenates the Soul

Something wonderful is about to happen in your life.   God is waiting on you to do great things THROUGH you.

Your angels remind you that every relationship is established and maintained through communication.

Nature teaches that there are no shortcuts…there is a process to everything. To mature from childhood to adulthood—it takes time. Do you want to hear God’s voice? Then spend time communing, meditating and listening.

God doesn’t “speak” the same way to all of us.

God may use a friend, a teacher, a parent, or a preacher to convey His message of truth to us. Their words may come as a warning, a blessing, or as a resonating truth about our lives. Whether we choose to hear it or ignore it, depends on us. Free Will.

Your angels want you to view the circumstances of your life with discernment, for this will allow you to perceive God’s answers to your prayers. God always answers our prayers, but unfortunately we do not always recognize His answers. That takes practice.

Your angels will help you to learn to hear God’s message… they want you to know that God is not elusive.

God speaks your language – if you are a nature lover, messages will come to you through nature. If you are a music person, He will use music to speak to you. What ever it may be that you like doing… God is waiting for you there… to commune and co-create.

You will know when God answers.. because it is always wrapped with love and gentleness.

TODAY, your angels ask you to go out alone in nature surround yourself in God’s creations- still your mind and welcome him in your heart.

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