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Discover your Life Purpose

Your angels have looked in your heart and they know you seek to find your ‘divine life purpose’. They ask you to walk the path of self-discovery, heal your old wounds, dissolve your false beliefs, and follow your intuition.

Your gifts and talents are NOT your purpose. They are simply the way in which your purpose is expressed out in the world.

Know that finding and following your divine life purpose is different from setting your goals. A goal has an end result, but your divine life purpose is really a way of living. For example, a goal might be to learn to play the piano, but your divine purpose might be to bring joy to peoples’ lives through music.

As you move into tapping into your ‘Divine Life Purpose’ your angels want you to take care of YOUR needs first… personal needs stop us from uncovering our purpose because those needs require filling. If you are starving, you are probably not thinking of feeding others.

Understand your purpose can only be lived from a pure heart – without conditions. The reward is the energy that you share with others – just by being your most true and authentic self – just by being who you really are!

TODAY, do everything from a place of love and let the Universe do its work through you – this is the formula for discovering your Divine Life Purpose.

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