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Tap into the Power Within You

Your angels remind you that to get the things you want in life, you need to effectively use your inner power.

You are more powerful than you realize. You activate this power by becoming positively charged and focused. When you are attuned with this ‘power’ you will achieve greater wealth, be in the right relationships, heal yourself of chronic illness, and create a more joy-filled life.

TODAY, your angels want to HELP you tap into your inner power. They want you to stop worrying about a ‘rainy day’ and start working on yourself… TODAY, check your attitude! If you think you can’t – you’re right. If you think you don’t deserve – you’re right. If you think you can’t get well – you wont. If you think it’s not for you – you’re right. If you think there is a reason why you don’t have, can never have, will never have (fill in the blank) YOU ARE RIGHT!

Why? Because you have the POWER within you to make it so.

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