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The Universe is Always Listening

The Universe always listens to you… but it seems that you choose not to always listen to the Universe. …and that is okay, it’s called Free-Will, and that is where your confusion and struggle start.

Your angels notice that in moments of desperation you reach out to the Universe and when things seem to clear up… you forget all the questions and petitions you put out to the Universe. It went to work for you immediately and it is STILL working things out for you as you are reading this.

Are you listening? You see… as long as you keep holding on to ‘how you think things need to get done’ then the Universe is never able to do what you are asking it to do.

The moment you let go, it gets the cue to start working. Your angels are REMINDING you today that – while YOU are muddling things in your mind the Universe WILL NOT do anything… because you are still ‘OWNING IT’.

Your angels love you, they ask you to trust and let go.

The Universe is always listening and responds by giving you a sign within hours.

You’ll know the signs and messages because they will give you a slight tug at your heart… the only downside is, you might choose to ignore them.

You will always have the chance to choose, no matter what the Universe says or does. You can be smacked in the face with the answer you need, and you can still decide not to listen to it. That IS Free will.

TODAY, your angels ask you to be alert for messages from the Universe.


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