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Preparation and Journey

At what ever point you are in life, your angels want you to know that learning is never finished – especially when talking about your true, Divine purpose.

Your angel wants you to prepare for a new cycle in your life- it is time to learn new things, advance your knowledge and education in any field whether personal or for a new career.

TODAY, release any fear or confusion regarding how you will achieve this – just know that along the journey towards personal growth, your angels will provide the guidance you need.

Your angels want you to know that the schooling and education may not come in the formal sense our society recommends for “higher education”. Education and personal growth come in many forms. Be open to receive this.

TODAY, you are reminded that stagnation is not healthy, take the leap forward and you will also discover how your own spiritual understanding will blossom.

A new journey awaits you, trust that all the resources will be made available. Get ready and open up to another period of growth and time to awaken to deeper understanding of your life purpose.

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