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Be Courageous

Running away from problems only postpones the inevitable. They want you to look within and confront your fears… WHY and WHAT is stopping you? Soon you will discover that a ‘thought’ is the only thing stopping you. WHY? because you have not taken the time to change the way you think about the things that paralyze you.

TODAY, your angels ask you to take courage and move through your obstacles… one step at a time. Being brave and having courage is about feeling your fear, then taking steps anyway.

Take a glimpse into the future and ask yourself: “How will I feel now that I have acted on this situation?” If the answer makes you feel comfortable breath and move on. If you still feel apprehensive, it simply means you need to look for alternative solutions and guidance. Archangel Ariel will work with you in helping you find ways to approach your situation.

Stop feeding your fears. Unless you’re an actor no one is paying you to add more drama to the situation… fear is a reminder that you are human. Remember, you already have done many brave things- each one a stepping stone to the next event. Breath in courage and release your fears.

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