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Trust how things Unfold

Your angels want you to know that when there’s uncertainty, you are not meant to plan the way out … that is when you need to trust your way through it.

TODAY, remind yourself to trust the way things are unfolding and turn your attention to where it SHOULD be … start with this very moment right in front of you.

Trust is believing that it will work out before you see the evidence that it will… and having faith before you can see the rewards.

It is important that you KNOW that trust is what allows you to focus your attention where it needs to be… on the moment in front of you. How you experience each moment of the day influences every aspect of your tomorrow.

Pause for a moment… feel this moment… observe your thoughts, observe your state of being… this sereneness IS your present reality. This calmness is what you take into your future.

TRUST you have done your part… learn to experience this moment with INTENTION and knowing that it is creating your future.

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