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Heal Away Addictions

Your angels want you to know that even worrying can be an addiction.

For you to heal and grow it is important to walk away from thoughts, people and habits that do not empower you. That is when the true healing begins.

Your angels know that it is a normal human tendency to dwell on thoughts when something goes wrong, such as the loss of a loved one or a goal that you wanted to achieve but didn’t.

Constant worrying will affect your well being, keep you up at night and makes you tense and edgy during the day.

Your angels want you to begin OBSERVING your thoughts- as if they were a friend you are watching from afar, don’t judge them; just let them flow into your mind and watch them flow out.

This exercise will allow you to experience peace and focus on the ever present NOW, on this VERY MOMENT which is full of life giving breath, wonders of possibilities and streams of solutions.

Let the healing begin, breathe in life exhale worries!

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