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Nurture the Inner You

Your angels know you well… and sometimes you get so caught up that you forget about taking care of yourself.

They want you to know that nurturing yourself is part of honoring your body as a temple of the Divine, they ask you to listen to the intuitive guidance of your heart and don’t take those small aches for granted… you are being urged to take care of your physical vessel.

They want you to understand that when your physical body is healthy, you are able to find nurturing for your emotional body needs, and as these come into alignment you are than able to work on developing higher states for your mental body through meditation and ‘positive’ thinking.

Your angels want you to understand that nurturing and caring for yourself is not a selfish act… ON THE CONTRARY, it is a prerequisite for being able to overflow blessings of love, compassion and abundance unto others in your life and into the collective consciousness of humanity.

TODAY, open yourself to self-love. Allow this LOVE to overflow – FEEL it activate and uplift you in vibration as it attunes the Divine in you. TODAY, nurture yourself… know that to love others YOU must first Love yourself. KNOW that you are worthy of this Love… allow yourself to connect with this Divine Love within you which holds the key to transforming your life.

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