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Change Your Life

The angels want you to notice any self sabotaging things that you may be doing to block your intuitive channels. You may feel as if nothing will ever change in your life. This may be the first sign that your intuitive energy is blocked.

If you feel stuck… ask yourself is there a life lesson that you’re supposed to learn but you’re just not getting? Remember you are the creator of your life path, these situations are in your life to learn something from them.

BREATHE in TRUST, EXHALE your worries, your fears and insecurites these are demons that tie you down. Ground yourself in the TRUTH, embrace the lesson… this will unblock your inuitive energy and connect you with the Universal positive life force that allows you to focus on the flow of the NOW.

TODAY be aware of signs you are given because they have the ability not only to help you, but others as well.

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