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Connect with Your Inner Child

You’re searching for something…. what could it be? Your angels say perhaps you have hid it and it is tucked way deep inside of you.

You search because you have asked for help – you have begun your quest. You are bumping into old wounds, little places of your broken heart, and scrambled mind, your subconscious programming has caused you to abandon yourself and your inner child. The angels want you to remember that your inner child is the GATEWAY to your Higher Self.

No matter how hard other people have been towards you, no one has abused you the most as you have… to yourself. Your self talk is harming you.

When you find an area in yourself where you react severely – it usually reveals your inner child’s need to be healed and transformed. To progress forward you must heal your inner child.

To begin healing your inner child… look at how attached you are in your relationships. This does not mean that you don’t want people in your life… what the angels are saying is that ‘healthy’ relationships keep you whole, balanced, and physically healthy. Your Inner Child is so called, because underneath almost all relationship problems are the issues that still stem from old childhood issues unresolved within you.

Are you living your life reacting to old wounds from your childhood? Do you keep telling yourself that you are never good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, beautiful enough, or perfect enough?

Take a few moments TODAY to connect with your inner child, (who has always been with you). Breathe deeply and bring back your happiest memories of how free and fun things were. Be grateful for that memory. Know that your Inner Child longs for your love, protection and care.

Your angels want you to experience heaven on earth, you can do this when you spend time with your Inner Child. Connecting often with your inner child will help you to accept yourself and stop the negative mind chatter, you will also find creative solutions to your problems. Who says that this creative thinking has to stop once you reach a certain age? Invite your inner child back in your life and a refreshing new way of seeing life will open up for you.

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