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Angel Blessings

When you feel down and depressed, take your eyes off your own situation and set them on those around you. It may be hard to do, but the angels remind you that the best way to forget your own ‘problems’ is to help someone else with theirs.

By being a “blessing” to others you enter into a “blessed” relationship with your higher self and God.

There are countless ways we’re given the chance to be a blessing for others. How do we do this? We lift others up. We compliment them. We let them know we love them.

Why are you eager to unpack the blessings of tomorrow before ‘living in the blessings of now’?

TODAY, extend blessings to the people around you, the people you encounter each day and in all the most mundane and ordinary ways through everyday conversations, the manner of speaking, the topics you pursue, sharing a meal, doing your work, helping in some way.

The angels want you to know that sharing a blessing never leads to deprivation, on the contrary you will magnify the blessings coming into your life.

Always be ready to bless others and you will begin to discover the joy of a never ending cycle of blessings.

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