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You can’t heal a negative action with another negative action. Allow the angels to help you clear away the toxic poison of un-forgiveness from your heart and mind.

Holding to emotions of unforgiveness can later manifest in your physical body as disease.

To heal a negative emotion feel it fully. Denied feelings keep coming back until they are truly felt, accepted, forgiven and released.

The first step towards forgiveness is being aware of your feelings,  the next one is developing compassion – not just for the offender but for yourself. When you are able to make peace with your role in a situation then you are truly able to move ahead and heal completely.

When you begin to understand that “situations” are there to provide a lesson not only for yourself but also for others… you begin to understand that your role was important… but now that “situation” is a part of the past. You need to forgive to move on.

“When we forgive ourselves or someone else, we are choosing to release our judgments and in so doing we are choosing to feel good rather than bad, positive rather than negative, free rather than imprisoned.”— Margaret McCraw, author of the book, Tune into Love.

The power of forgiveness is the key to inner peace.


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