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Live with Purpose

Life, life… life. It may seem that many times we get caught up in the mundane aspect of life and easily lose the true essence of purpose. – go to work, come home, fix this, clean that, etc… repeat.

Angels want you to know that in every action, even in the most ‘insignificant’ act… whether be that you are a mechanic, a waitress, a manager, a dad, a caregiver – nestled in EACH single act of your ‘mundane’ day is a test of attitude. In is not in the ‘what’ of what you do… but in the “HOW” of what you do.

Find joy in your actions… see them as portals of service, of creation – of love.
Infuse your actions with the thought of love, of genuine caring, of passion and you will be creating an amazing future. The energy of love infused in your deeds will serve as your ‘credit card’ to cash in on abundance, truth, joy and love in the future… despite the ‘rewards’… do it for the person that you will become and step into that amazing being through your actions and thoughts.

TODAY, the Universe/God is conspiring with you to elevate your energy and that of the planet.

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