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You – a Manifesting Force

My dear one, let go of the struggle.

Know that you are a manifesting force on this plane… if you are reading this, deep inside of you – you know the Truth of this by simply looking at the world you have created by the mere choices you have made. It all led you to here and it does not matter if you are a novice or adept ‘manifester’ – that is what we are here to do: to create and manifest by the choices we make – which all start with a “thought”.

When you tap into the inner most part of you and enter the sacred chamber of silence and solitude YOU awaken to your purpose, deep within you there is a knowing that all is well.

Why not bring that knowledge back with you when you enter the consciousness of the living? Why do you allow your fears to stop you from living your full potential?

These dreams come to you because you are given the means to make them REAL.

Believe and Trust in the manifestation process. Don’t worry about the ‘how’ and ‘when’; your job is to focus on developing yourself, on cultivating your garden, on expressing the LOVE that is encoded in your DNA.

If this helps… pretend when you are ‘thinking’ that you ARE dialing into your “Help Center” – use your thinking minutes wisely, fuse your conversations with gratitude and creativity – when you are asking you are involved in the creative process.

Today… ask your angels to help you develop a clear intention for what you want to call into your life. Once you have asked for help ‘know’ that the angels are moving heaven and earth to convert the ‘density’ of your thought into its physical equivalent; and finally be “patient” and trust the manifestation process.

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