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Harmony leads to Peace

Conflicts are inherent in the design of Nature. Harmony manifests as Peace.

The angels want you to know that YOU and caring for yourself should be your primary concern – everyone comes later. Without you there is no story… you are the main character of your life story.

When you experience discomfort, pain, depression, anxiety, and illness in general you are in a state of disharmony. Unhappiness is a form of feedback. It signals that disharmony has entered your field of “being” either in mind, body, or spirit. Your awareness of “connectedness” has become disconnected.

Your angels are asking you to do a “system check” of “mind – body and spirit”. They want you to let go of things that no longer serve your growth and have Faith in the process.

Think of harmony like it is used in creating music: you must either be a musical note or the silence in it.

The angels want you to make peace with yourself. They want you to know that everything else arises out of the amount of self-love you have for your own life.

When mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.

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