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When a soul mate walks into your life, you are forever changed – and this is a wonderful gift. The purpose is to awaken you spiritually to your true self. Soulmate attractions makes you feel like you HAVE to be with them, regardless of any possible consequences.

There are karmic soulmates and romantic soulmates. When you have learned the lessons from any past karmic soul mate relationship in such a way that you are willing to hold love and compassion for yourself, you are open to attract your romantic soulmate.

Your angels remind you to love yourself unconditionally and forgive
yourself and others for any mistakes that have been made, and let the past go. Let it go – let it go – let IT go.

Take time to discover who you really are and love the person you are becoming. When you have discovered the calmness of your own soul you will have no requirements for anyone or anything outside of yourself to fulfill you as you awaken to the truth that you are already whole and complete.

As you align to self-love and self-discovery of spirit, you begin to learn
to listen to your an heart and follow its guidance.

Your angels want you to know that fulfillment, love, and joy will magnify in your life when you make the inner connection with your inner soul.

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