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Healing Prayers

Your angels want you to know that within you is the power to heal yourself – you can activate your body’s self-repair mechanisms, the spiritual way.

Positive, uplifting vibrations will cause an improvement in health when you understand that the most essential element of spiritual healing is BELIEF.  Do you believe your body can heal itself? If you believe you can’t be cured – that your condition is chronic, incurable or hopeless – then it will be. The angels are reminding you that your mind orchestrates healing.

Listen to your body and intuition. NO one knows your body and your mind like you do. If you are not feeling well identify the real cause of your ailment.

Ask your higher self what you need in order to be healed. Know that stress usually is the main culprit to most diseases. It leads to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, frustration, anger and other negative emotions that adversely affect the body. So what’s the cause of your mood? What’s the cause of those runaway thoughts? What’s at the root of your emotions? …and important What can you do about it? If it is in the past – let it go.

Begin today to manage stress, exercise ; mediate (anytime, anywhere); laugh and smile; be with optimistic people; do what you love; play; engage in creative pursuits; be in nature; listen to music; whatever makes you feel happy, DO IT.

Ask yourself and your angels, “What does my body need in order to heal itself?” The answers might be physical (diet, exercise, or medicine); and spiritual: getting out of the job or relationship that is slowly killing you (literally), meditation, prayer; gratitude; managing your finances.

TODAY, your angels want you to know that if you DESIRE to be healed… if you BELIEVE you can be healed… if you EXPECT to be healed… you will heal. Your angels want you to TRUST that what you desire, believe and expect WILL occur.

TODAY, surrender to being healed, using the power of your mind and body.

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