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Radiate Joy

🙂 Archangels are working with us today! – ah, but it’s a choice to let them in.

Archangel Ramaela is working with you TODAY to help you notice the things that bring you joy so you can make more time in your life for them.

TODAY- suspend your worries and fears… take on the day without agenda be completely relaxed and allow love energy to radiate from your heart. Archangel Ramaela reminds you that Love will always be at your core, it is a vibration which sparks the light of consciousness within you and you cannot change this. The sooner you embrace and understand this, the sooner you will connect with your true nature.

To feel more love flowing through your life, take a few minutes (you can close your eyes for this exercise) focus your attention and energy on your heart center… visualize a loving gentle energy radiating from your heart. You’ll notice an immediate shift inside and this will be reflected in the people around you.

TODAY, practice being heart centered in your communication and human interaction, and make it a point to notice how easier your day flows. You’ll find that by living mainly through your heart, love continuously pours out on its own into all people and situations.

Tap into Love and you will radiate joy.

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