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The Power to Heal

Your angels want you to know that you have the power to heal, balance and to truly transform yourself & your life at all levels, deep within you.

You may be facing difficulties from life, or the difficulties may only be a creation of your own mind.

What you can do in this exact moment – is simply to acknowledge IT ALL – and say to yourself “This is what is happening with me right now. This is how I am feeling. This is my situation. This is just what IS – for now”. Once you see it for what it is… accept it (it doesn’t mean you have to like it). Say to yourself: “I am OK with it. I ACCEPT the situation, right now, as it is. I ACCEPT myself, right now, as I am”…And from here, we make the change, the ‘Break Free’ the “Let Go To Grow” moment.

It’s OK to be quiet and reflective at times, just as any physical illness the healing of the mind may require distance and silence… in this way the body, mind and spirit become in alignment . If it’s time alone that you need, take it, and make the most of it. Take care of yourself so that you may be more genuinely happy.

As you Heal yourself, you also contribute to Healing the world. It is a matter of choice to switch into thoughts which create the feelings which elevates your spirit and to enjoy every moment as much as you possibly can.

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