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Serenity means maintaining a sense of inner peace even in difficult situations. We gain serenity by accepting the things we cannot change and focusing our energy where we can make a difference.

The angels want you to break free from the habit of constantly thinking futile thoughts that have been preventing you from enjoying inner peace.

When the clouds hide the sun, it is still there, beyond the clouds. Your essence, your inner Self, is always there. You only need to remove the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that float in your mind in order to experience peace and calmness.

Ask your angels to help free you from the compulsion of incessant thinking. Your angels want you to know that you don’t always have to be ‘thinking’.

Today, when you are not actively engaged in life… take a moment to sit and relax. Be grateful for the thoughts that were there to help you make decisions and in that moment let them float away and you will find – serenity.

You will discover it is always there.

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