Tarot/Oracle Reading Consultations and Dream Interpretations



The angels want you to know that there is a lot of energy shifting in the air. What would you like to see happen in your life? Your angels ask you to set your intention out there and it will be made manifest.

Understand that the most important part of setting any intention is being clear about what you want and taking steps to manifest the intention. To achieve clarity ask yourself “What” you plan on getting from achieving said intention and “How” could you move towards your intention, these types of questions help attract the images or feelings that can better provide you with what you seek. Also, be honest with yourself – are you willing to invest the required energy into your intention?

TODAY, your angels want you to really connect with all your heart and see your wish coming true. Fuel your intention with passion, take a moment to make your wish and open yourself up to the blessings of the Universe.

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