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Prioritize Your Intentions

Your angels understand your needs to manifest your hearts desire; to help you with this they want you to review your intentions.

They know there are busy schedules that don’t allow you stop to reflect on your motivations. They want you to know the importance of taking even a brief moment to set clear, positive intentions for what you are doing. You can make a remarkable shift in how any task or conversation feels just by considering where you want to place your attention.

Your angels are asking you to consciously prioritize information that seems most important at the moment. They know that when you focus on what matters now will resonate with your mood and expectations- the rest you’ll filter out. Which means that sometimes you miss important parts of the story. …and you may even twist information so that it more neatly fits your expectations.

The angels understand that most of the time you are rushing through your day on auto-pilot – with very little reflection on your thoughts or the events of the moment.

TODAY, your angels want you to consciously decide what’s really most important to you— on this day, in this interaction, during this task — be more proactive to determine what you notice and remember. Take off your blinkers and see more of the reality = the INNER you wants to see.

As you focus on your true intentions you change your experience and move towards living the life you dreamed of.

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