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Choosing a belief system that cultivates abundance is crucial. The angels want you to understand that YOU are always processing your life… with eyes wide open you take in the world, through breath and action you give back…this creates a feedback loop.

Input is what creates the experiences through the day while output is all your response: thoughts, words and actions. You are constantly creating your world.

Today your angels want you to be specifically aware of the judgment you attach to the input you are processing in every detail of your life.

Use today‚Äôs’ observation to build on your abundance.

Most of us are programmed to fear the unknown… yet, you have already conquered many unknown moments. What does abundance mean to you? What changes would you have to make to live a fulfilled abundant life? Are you willing to make the adjustments necessary to embrace the life you want? These are questions your angels want you to think of today.

They are reminding you that the distance between where you are and the abundant life you want is self-created.

They want you to know that abundance is a natural state of being. Nature does not limit the oxygen you breathe! It is lack and loss that are unnatural!

Life is a field of infinite possibilities. The angels want you to tap into the natural spring of abundance. They want you to watch and protect your thoughts… that is the process towards abundance. Celebrate what is good in your life and change the way you perceive the “lack” in your life… the process is that simple.

Allow the stream of abundance to flow you in your life.

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