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Your Inner Child

You may be an adult now, but your inner child is alive and well within you, and it’s got a lot of wisdom to share.

Your angels want you to lighten up and reconnect with the child within. Yet… how do we remember life through the inner child?

As children we moved on from conflict easily; we didn’t hold grudges, we were forgiving all the time, and fast. The main goal was to be in a creative fun zone. Fun is a choice, an important choice for a fulfilling life.

Your inner child never questioned the creative force that has set All in motion… your inner child lived in the NOW of Possibilities.

Doing so adds wonder to your life. Your angels want you to stop worrying about being judged; they want you to follow your instincts and create whatever comes to your mind and heart. That creativity is still inside you. Share it with the world!

Connecting with your inner child will place you in a place of honesty. Children tend to say what they think, without judgment most of the time. Connecting with your inner child will allow you to come from a place of truth without hurting others yet you will be able to connect with them in a deeper way.

What are you holding back? How can you approach your life, and your relationships, more honestly? Call on your inner child to help you start sharing your truth, your creativity your life.

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