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Unlimited Support

Everyone needs help. We aren’t meant to get through this life on our own. Many perceive the action of asking as a weakness when, in fact, it is a great strength. To ask for help means we are setting aside our ego for the good of our-self.

We can call upon the greatness of the universe to come to our aid. Many of us have already faced overwhelming situations and somehow in a way that we can not explain it… a solution has been provided.

This experience than becomes an absolute truth that when we ask for help from the universe, help is given. Keep in mind that the help may not always come in the form you think it will. Rather, it comes in the form that is needed.

The angels want you to tap into this unlimited source. Today they want you to take time to ASK. Some people call it praying, others call it meditation. Prayer is the act of asking for something, and meditation is the act of listening. When we listen, we are open, we are still and we are in a state of openness and acceptance.

It is important to stay in a state of awareness after you have asked for help so you don’t miss what’s coming to you. If you have a sudden, urge to stop somewhere or call an old friend, pay attention to those urges, as they are the universe’s way of getting you the help you need. Remember help often comes in a way that’s different from what we expect; your angels want you to keep an open mind and reflect on all options presented to you.


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