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Simple Pleasures

As you go through your day make sure to stay grounded in your personal quest.

The monotony of mundane activities may lull you back into the dream world… your angels ask you to awaken to the enchantment of living connected to Nature. As you connect to the mysterious simplicity of nature you become one with its awesome power, vastness and unexpected quirkiness.

Nature is God’s way of directing our attention towards eternity, but at the same time it contains us and creates an intimacy with our own personal lives that nurtures the soul. The angels want you to know that through daily meditation and contemplation the lessons in spirituality will pour into your life and these gentle lessons will help you deal with ‘earthly’ issues.

TODAY, your angels want you to find something in nature that fills you with awe, meditate on it… ask yourself what does it teach you, be grateful for the lesson. When the stresses of life is trying to steal your JOY remember this simple exercise of connecting back to Nature.

What in Nature inspired you today? Share your find here with the group.

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