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What do you Focus on?

The angels say there are too many distractions going on in your head… that’s why what ever you want is not manifesting at the rate you want it to.

Your fears are real because you focus on them. Your angels want you to know that your focus determines your reality.

Focus will determine if you achieve a goal or stick to create a new habit. Not self-discipline, not rewards, not willpower, not even motivation. If you can maintain your focus on what you want, you will more often than not attract it.

Remember just for TODAY…stop the chatter in your head. Allow miracles to happen in your life… understand the “human” part of your earth experience which means: one thing at a time- that’s how you get through the lessons. Let go of all the other ‘noise’ in your head and FOCUS on staying on track – forget multi-tasking! Just for today, focus on doing what really matters and that – will get you closer to your hearts desire.

Switch your focus – change your life.

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