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Your angels realize that more than ever it seems there is chaos happening all around and at times within. They want you to know that you can either give into chaos or practice peace. All is a choice.

Maintaining a peaceful vibration can sometimes be hard when faced with life challenges… but without chaos you would never have the opportunity to learn how to be a peace bringer.

Take note of what situations or people create chaos around you, in your mind, or whether you seem to place yourself in the center of chaos. 

TODAY be willing to explore your attachment or discomfort with the situation or thoughts that you identify as chaos… your angels want you to try this exercise to help bring you back to peace:

PAUSE- don’t react, rather observe.
BREATHE-Use your breath to quiet the waves of chaos and until you feel the calmness within
LET GO- surrender emotional energy, limited beliefs, and judgment 
LISTEN-Open your heart to the present moment
CONNECT-with Divine, allow the peace within to shed light on the situation
SHIFT- move your awareness beyond the illusion and into what is truth
ACT- move in a new direction that feels most harmonious with your present being.

When you are at peace with yourself and the Universe you experience a divinely inspired life

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