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Angel of Guidance

Be open. ┬áDivine guidance is upon you… pay attention to the signs in your life, there is dramatic change happening in your life now. Angels work does not necessarily manifest itself in an orderly fashion- to the human eye the ethereal world is disorganized and chaotic, we humans are used to a timeline and numeric order.

Let go and trust this amazing force – it holds all the planets in place and it whispers on a blade of grass- so why not trust that you too are taken care of?

In order to be able to commune with the divine in you – you must be tuned in to that frequency! Remember your angels hear you loud and clear and respond instantly in your life… sometimes there is too much noise in the world and we must take time to connect to the divine energetic frequency.

Think of it as multiple radio stations being played at once… but your favorite music is on and to listen you must put ALL your intention into tuning out all the other sound. Not easy at first but once you do… then all you hear is your song.

That is what it’s like to listen to your higher self… it’s always there.

You deserve to live a beautiful and amazing life. Open your heart and Trust your higher self for you are being divinely guided.

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