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Intuition and Inner Guidance

When was the last time you really listened to yourself? With all the noise in the world, more than ever it is important to listen to the authentic voice within you. When you get frustrated in any area of your life — you are not listening to the wisdom of your intuition.

Know that when you develop the ability to listen and trust in your intuition, you protect yourself from unnecessary pain.

Your angels know that you pray for guidance but they see how you struggle to listen to your heart. Your head gets in the way. Your angels TODAY remind you that your heart is a channel to divine guidance.

Listen to your heart. When people, places or tasks suddenly pop into your head, take action. Trust that your path will become clearer.

TODAY, be alert. You will know you are listening to divine guidance when— you will feel like you belong in this PRESENT moment and that somehow despite everything things will work out

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