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Personal Power

Your angels want you to know that you hold your future in every choice you make in the present. If you feel victim to hard circumstances, or feel powerless to effect change – even that is a choice.

The pain and suffering come from focusing so much on the problems that you become blind to the solution. Your angels remind you today that no matter how difficult your circumstances you will always have inner strength and power to deal with them.

Don’t give your power away to outer circumstances or you risk remaining imprisoned and become addicted to your pain and suffering.

TODAY, your angels ask you to be honest with yourself. Don’t give your Personal Power away by allowing yourself to feel victimized by conditions.

You may not be able to always change outer circumstances, and obviously can’t change other people. What you can do is change how you respond to these situations – it’s your choice. …and that is how you regain your Personal Power.

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