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Release the Old says – old Ways

What is it that you need to release? It’s not hard to discover if you pay close attention.

Stop. Look within… where is it that you feel the most discomfort? That my dear, is where the work begins.

Your angels ask you to be aware of the constant in the world – change.

Do not mourn for “how things use to be”, do not mourn for the “old days” and “old ways”.

TODAY, honor what has been, stay mindful of what IS now, and trust that as something leaves your life, it makes room for something new.

Begin to view your reality through the lens of love and you will experience the shift of what was impossible -become possible.

Make it your new mantra: if it hurts – let it go. If it is uncomfortable – let it go. If it does not serve your higher purpose – let it go. If it does not lift you up – let it go. Release it all – even the fear of letting go – let it go.

TODAY, this moment – your angels want you to focus on love and blessings, so they can draw more of this into your life. Begin with your thoughts to create the change you want in your life.

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