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All is Well

Nature is the most obvious medium in which God speaks to us… with Spring we watch the sprouting and growth of new life. This is a good time to meditate upon your own growth.

Ever notice with plants under your care… if you give it too much of anything in your attempt to help it grow better, it just takes a turn for the worse?

The same is true in your own life -pushing beyond what is planned will result is wasted time and frustration. When you force issues – you are not operating under the Divine Plan. Your angels want you to understand this deeply. There is a blessing upon you.. just as a plant fares best in precisely the area of yard where it belongs — know that at the precise Divine timing things will manifest. Don’t press matters. Don’t force things, just stay true to your inner guide and flow.

Sometimes we have to stop watering and just let a plant work with nature on its own… and the truth is the same for you. Don’t force things – don’t pretend to be something you are not – in the end who you really are will be reflected in your actions.

The more ‘true’ your actions are, the more blessings are bestowed up you.

TODAY, all is well -Don’t force things. Be your ‘true’ self. Be natural.

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