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Be Yourself

How could you not be anything but yourself?

Apparently you are trying too hard to be something for everyone else that the real you is hiding underneath all the layers of self-conditioning and labels. NO ONE is putting those labels on you but YOURSELF.

Your angels want you to know that these masks you wear to please others does you NO GOOD. It harms you and stops your growth.

TODAY, step out. Your happiness is YOUR responsibility… don’t look to others to make you happy. Don’t be afraid to let the “true YOU” come out. The people that are meant to be with you in the next phase of your growth will be there; they will understand and support you.

TODAY, let go of the old ways of thinking, follow your bliss, and do what you love, begin to align with happiness and peace.

You may be afraid to allow others see your ‘true-self’- the truth is… YOU are afraid to see this amazing being that you truly are! It’s okay to be vulnerable your angels are there protecting you through this journey.

TODAY, allow your real self to shine forth in all its glory.

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