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Give Yourself Permission to Play

The angels know how hectic and full of commitments your life is… where did the fun go? You stopped playing. When do you carve out some leisure time? Zoning out in front of the TV or computer is not the same as engaging in fun!

Your angels want you to rejuvenate yourself… just because you are all ‘grown up’ doesn’t mean you have to take yourelf so seriously.

Make time to do something playful, this will allow your brain to disengage the tension it has built in your body from all the worrying. Your angels remind you that you can regain a new found meaning to your journey and great healing when you connect to your playful creative, and inspirational self.

Playfulness in your life allows you to shift your awareness from what may be self-limiting to what becomes self-fulfilling.

TODAY, bring playfulness to your life, your work, your relationships… your dreams. By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful abandon of childhood into these areas, you make them more meaningful and soul-nourishing.

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