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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is working with you today offering you Divine love, wisdom, and guidance.

TODAY, if you are open to this amazing help that is being offered to you by Archangel Gabriel you will be assisted in learning to tune into messages of Divine love for yourself, and will activate an opening that allows Divine strength to flow throughout your life.
You are at the precipice of an end, and at the dawn of a new beginning. If you are willing to receive this amazing message, Archangel Gabriel will assist you in releasing the restrictions that may have been imposed on you by others, by your own limiting beliefs, attachments, or doubts.

Archangel Gabriel reminds you that the answer you seek is not outside of you… but within you. Your highest Truth will lift your vibration, and guide you into situations that will attune you into the true essence of all that you are meant to be.

Be the one who blesses the world with the power of your remembering. TODAY, in your words, thoughts and deeds… come from a place of Divine Expression. Know that there are others receiving this same message and know that they join you in a conspiracy of Love to bless all people and remove fear from their hearts.

When more people send love, blessings and prayers toward others, the very vibration of the planet is increased. This is the way to heal the world — moment to moment, each person blessing others and bringing Divine Love into every situation.

Archangel Gabriel is standing there at the gates of a new life and reminds you that each positive thought is a stepping stone towards a new beginning.

TODAY, Archangel Gabriel wants you to remember that you are in every moment…a Divine Expression, manifesting through your words, thoughts and deeds.

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