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Music is Energy

Your angels want you to pay attention to your “energy body”.. around all living things, including you, is an energetic field of energy. It is a bio-electric field which resonates out a particular frequency that is a reflection of the state of your soul at any given time.

When your energy field is out of tune you become more receptive to attract depression, fear, anger,arguments, negative people, sadness, etc- these cling to your aura field and attracts more of the same situations.

The angels want you to know that energy is comprised of waves of vibration, and therefore, they do affect your soul’s energy field.

With music you can attune your energetic body and promote spiritual growth so that your spirit is in vibrational alignment with the Universal Source – God.

Your angels want you to cleanse yourself, your home and even your car. TODAY, the angels want you to use music to help realign your soul. By playing an instrument yourself, or simply putting on your favorite music, and spending time thinking of all that you want, instead of what you don’t want, you can help re-tune your space and your spirit.

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