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Divine Guidance is Available

Divine guidance is coming your way.

Yet your angels remind you that the Law of Free Will is always at play. They want you to know that the feeling of being stuck in mud- is you asking for help but then not following the guidance you receive. They don’t love you any less and they will NEVER leave your side but yes you actually have refused divine help.

To help you with what troubles you, the angels want you to know that you need to be VERY SPECIFIC on how you ask for help. Asking for help with your troubles may be the beginning but also asking for the courage to follow the guidance may be even more critical. Your method to solving problems is very limited – when you ask God for help, the orchestration to grant your prayers takes account for every grain of dirt you walk on.

Divine intervention CHANGES everything, it jolts your spirit on a divine path… and that feels really awkward too us humans.

Sometimes you may pray for something thinking that the solution may come in a specific way… just remember that Gods Divine guidance may take you through rocky roads and it’s not because he has forgotten you, it’s because he is preparing you to receive.

Your angels remind you that when you ask for Divine Guidance TRUST that God will find the BEST way to solve it. Don’t specify what the solution shall be. Stay grateful and receptive to signs around you and follow your intuition because it IS leading you to the proper divine solution.

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