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Trust the Process

Your angels are singing with you for they see progress in your spiritual growth. You know you have been really making an effort at this “letting go, staying in the moment and paying attention to the signs”.

Your angels today remind you to stop worrying… they know you want instant results. Don’t allow this anxiety to cause you a relapse.

Trust the process.

Trust yourself and your intuitions.

If it has not manifested yet… it is because there are some elements that still need density and need to come into alignment with the divine plan.

Doubt will only materialize when you don’t believe in your higher spiritual purpose, once you realize there’s a bigger plan to your life that has nothing to do with evolution that is when you eliminate fear and doubt.

Today be particularly in tune with your inner voice and trust yourself and listen to your intuition. The more you trust your intuition the clearer the messages you receive.

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