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Allow for the Re-Birth of your Divine Self

Your angels want you to reflect on your past -forgive, accept the past ‘AS THE PAST’ and then release it all. When you do this you can look to your future without fear. It’s time to make that decision once and for all and accept change so you can heal and renew.

You are being asked to make a choice:

…in Love you may choose to commit to a person or an ideal, only if you are willing to release the past and look to the future.

…with work, a project, or your studies, if you have not been giving your best, it is not too late to change that and to start giving 100% today.

TODAY, a window of rebirth is opening… are you willing to do the work that is asked of you in order to experience the life of your divine birth right?

Be willing to discard old debilitating ways of thinking… new positive thoughts means a new life: a new way of living that is healthier, happier and a more fulfilling expression of your Divine Self.

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