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Create Harmony

The angels want you to know that part of the human experience is a constant work at creating harmony. They want you to contemplate on moments in your life when you felt balanced and in harmony… understand that stepping into new experiences shifts you from one state of harmony to one of disharmony.

Don’t be ‘mystified’ by this knowledge, use this to choose your challenges.

Harmony is a condition that comes about when all the parts of your life are balanced with each other and with the world around you.

Your angels want to help bring harmony into your life… they know you long to transform your life from one of turmoil and disarray, into one of contentment, clarity and peace.

TODAY, they ask you to intentionally change negative thoughts to positive thoughts all day long. When you find yourself feeling negative, deliberately flip the switch – your angels know it takes effort and only YOU can do that work. Only YOU can flip that switch!

If you keep trying the “flip the switch’ trick… soon your mind will change gears and this new habit-will begin to bring peace and calm in your life.

Happiness comes from inside yourself, not outside. For you to have a magical, calm, and peaceful life, you have to start with yourself first. Then, your life will reflect what you feel inside.

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