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The World’s Mine Oyster

I’ve read Shakespeare in high school, and I think that perhaps “the world’s mine oyster” and Romeo and Juliette is what I remember best.

The divine inspiration to share with you today is coming… from the ‘world’s mine oyster’ quote and thinking of the pearl inside the oyster.   The pearl is not found outside the oyster… the pearl is found inside the oyster.

Have you ever wondered what exactly your soul truly yearns for?  Have you felt an odd sensation that you have yet not done that one thing you came to do?

“If I were to die today, what would I regret the most not accomplishing?”

The  answer to this question is the pearl.   So, how do we get there?  

I believe it is daring to be brave and daring to be honest to walk the path despite the fear and the way towards it is… the desire to do whatever it takes (some call it sacrifice) to get there.  Courage is the  impetus that provides the spark to move forward on that path. 

To get a clue, you may want to search your life, your circle and notice those individuals who are genuinely happy, peaceful,  kind, and grateful. They’ll be the ones who’ve found the secret of a fulfilling life… you’d be surprised at how simple their life really is.   Be brave and seek the pearl, when you least expect it, spirit is revealed.

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