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Prosperity Mind

 Your angels want you to enjoy a prosperous life… but first you must appreciate the level of prosperity you have now.

To attract a new level of prosperity you also must be willing to give up “poverty thinking and poverty habits”. 

ha! Your angels are ready to see you throw a tantrum. You can’t hide from them. They’ve heard you say:

“I never have enough money!”, – that IS poverty thinking and talking! They see you buy things to satisfy a quick urge – not because you need these ‘things’. 

TODAY, become aware of beliefs and actions that block the flow of money in your life. 

Open your mind to the idea of money flowing into your life and establish prosperity habits – change your words.. instead of saying “spending money” replace it with “I am using money”… ‘using money’ has a more proactive connotation then ‘spending money’ – while one way puts value on how you acquired it while spending has a more disposable feeling. 

Be grateful with what you can use money for and you will realize that you have many things laying around that have been exchanged for money that you don’t use.

Today, welcome abundance and prosperity in your life.

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